Below is a list of books I’ve found to be instrumental on my journey.

Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth

James Lovelock

In this classic book, Jim Lovelock talks about his idea that life on earth functions as a single organism. The book is a journey through time and space in search of evidence with which to support a new and radically different model of our planet and our relationship to it. 


Graham Harvey

How have human cultures engaged with and thought about animals, plants, rocks, clouds, and other elements in their natural surroundings? Do animals and other natural objects have a spirit or soul? Drawing on his extensive casework, Harvey considers the linguistic, performative, ecological, and activist implications of these different animisms.

Becoming Animal

David Abram

As the climate veers toward catastrophe, the innumerable losses cascading through the biosphere make vividly evident the need for a metamorphosis in our relation to the living land. Abram draws readers ever closer to their animal senses in order to explore the elemental kinship between the human body and the breathing Earth.

Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of Ecopsychology

Theodore Roszak

In this book, historian and cultural critic Roszak explores the relationships between psychology, ecology, and new scientific insights into systems in nature. Drawing on our understanding of the evolutionary, self-organizing universe, Roszak illuminates our rootedness in the greater web of life and explores the relationship between our own sanity and the larger-than-human world.


Bill Plotkin

Soulcraft is a modern handbook for a contemporary nature-based approach born from wilderness experience, the traditions of Western culture, and the cross-cultural heritage of all humanity. Filled with stories, poems, and guidelines, Soulcraft introduces over 40 practices that facilitate the descent to soul, including dreamwork, wilderness vision fasts, talking across the species boundaries, council, self-designed ceremony, nature-based shadow work, and the arts of romance, being lost, and storytelling.

Earthwalks for Body and Spirit

James Endredy

In Earthwalks for Body and Spirit, a workbook of 45 simple walking exercises, the author shows us how the act of walking can be a catalyst for personal transformation by teaching us to develop our attention, quiet the mind, expand our consciousness, and rediscover our sacred relationship with Earth.
He focuses each group of exercises on a different aspect of transformation as a way of honoring both your new understanding of Self and your deepened relationship with Earth.

Ecoshamanism: Sacred Practices of Unity, Power and Earth Healing

James Endredy

In this book, the author offers a rigorous and authentic new philosophy of shamanic practice called ecoshamanism. Rejecting the consumer/industrial worldview and the spiritual deadness that accompanies it, ecoshamanism leads to a fundamental shift in consciousness―first, by becoming aware of the sacred natural world and our role within it, and next, by forging a spiritual alliance with the sentient forces that sustain our planet.

The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World

David Abram

In The Spell of the Sensuous David Abram draws on diverse sources to reveal the subtle dependence of human cognition on the natural environment. He explores the character of perception and excavates the sensual foundations of language, which–even at its most abstract–echoes the calls and cries of the earth. On every page of this lyrical work, Abram weaves his arguments with a passion, a precision, and an intellectual daring that recall such writers as Loren Eisleley, Annie Dillard, and Barry Lopez.