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Note: This is a living document, and will change as I add additional goals and expanded explanations.

A change in worldview

The nine goals for making a transition from a consumer lifestyle to an ecologically healthy lifestyle.

I will purchase only products that fulfill vital needs.

I will own a minimum of personal property.

I will establish an adequate standard of living that is not significantly higher or lower than what is defined as a minimal viable standard of living.

I will strive to get full life out of belongings, instead of purchasing new items just because they are new.

I will develop a work ethic that favors work providing meaningful contributions to society over doing work just to make a living.

I will engage in actions that have intrinsic value, instead of doing things just to keep busy.

I will participate in activities and lifestyles that do not blatantly disrespect or take advantage of living creatures (including humans) or nature.

I will strive to spend the majority of time in nature, as opposed to cities and confined spaces.

I will develop a feeling of responsibility toward the local ecosystem.